To connect Japan and the UAE in terms of politics, economics and cultures.

Japan and the UAE have interacted together mainly by means of resource supply. Our goal is  to strengthen the relationship between Japan and the UAE by conducting a business in various fields in the UAE.

The UAE and Japan are regarded as important partners. For example, it was stated that by 2020, 500 Emirati students will be hosted in Japan. Furthermore,the Japanese technologies are highly valued by the UAE. The same goes for the Japanese cultures and thus such cultures should be widely spread.

We are here to support business and nurture cultural interactions between Japan and the UAE actively. Kindly feel free to contact us if you have any interest in our activities.

Name: JU One
Business Form: sole proprietorship
Owner: Ienobu Kaneko
Address: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Contact info: Plese refer to “Contact” page
Office Hours: Sunday–Thursday 9:00AM-6:00PM
Business Outline:
Supporting business/cultural interactions, e-commerce
Ongoing Business: Export of machinery to produce renewal energy


Unlike large trade companies, all the business process such as from consultation to implementation of the business is done with in us. Therefore, compared to them, cost reductions can be expected. Furthermore, the person in change does not change and thus we can offer clients smooth communication.

Even after the implementation of the business, we would thoroughly support it.

For business in UAE/Japan

Kindly let us know the details about your business trough the contact form. We’ll seek for a suitable partner for you.

For spreading Emirati cultures in Japan

Kindly let us know about your idea trough the contact form.
First, we’ll conduct a research if the idea possibly attracts Japanese people, similarity in the history of Japan, and etc. After the research we’ll contact whether or not support your idea.


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